Sunday, February 5, 2012

Its been a while since my last personal project.. i've been kinda lazy this past few months... and i mean lazy... as in super lazy.... i wanted to work on something new to cover up for my oh-so-lazy months... and here's what i've came up with... not perfect.. im still aiming for a decent shot.. and lets face it, im not good with that part.. im still studying some nice compostion but since i dont have an internet connection, its kinda hard for me to pursue that..

and im hoping that i can have my own connection by the end of the month.. (this is what i said a month ago.... poor me.. >.<)

comments and critics are welcome... i really need to improve my works... im new to outdoor lights and im having trouble with the color theory thingy... hafta watch the tutorial again...

most of the shot is still in proxy... no textures, just simple outdoor lighting with only a keylight and several spotlight, linked to the trees.... i'll update this as soon as i can lay my hands on my dekstop and fight my urge to play skyrim.... again.... after i defeat alduin.... again and again... BTW, the long quest of the game is much worth it than beating the game... the ending sucks though... bigtime suckfest!!!... >.<

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wolverine WIP may 11 2011

Wolverine WIP may 11 2011

its been a week since i started this project of mine.. and i do hope that i'll be able to finish this within next week... original deadline is supposed to be on sunday... but due to my "lazyness" its been extended up to next week... haha...


this is the first part.. im so full of energy last week.. dont know what happened to me... maybe because of the weather.....

Thursday, April 28, 2011

TREE HOUSE FINAL UPDATE - April 29 2011 - 11:00am


i've added some hanging lamps and wind chimes.. nilagyan ko nadin ng picture un frames.. mga older works ko un nasa painting.. :p okay na to for me.. i mean wala na ko maisip pa na ilagay na gamit eh.,.

ayun... mabigat parin ang rendering... 1hour mahigit..
...tatlong layer... fog pass, main layer (all the lights shebang) at un tree pass sa labas (mabigat ang maya paint)

1920x1280 custom settings bet preview and production.. walang global illumination na involve.. baka malusaw na pc ko pag ginawa ko pa un.. ayun..

sana magustuhan nyo and ok lang po magcritic.. :)

ayan natapos din ang almost 2months kong project.. wahahaha sideline naman na charcoal painting.. :)

i'll be doing some concepts for my next lighting project.. and i do hope i can surpass this one.. :) till next 3D work mga dude.:)